VISEO – France (coordinator)


Viseo is a French medium size company specialized in information systems and digital marketing with a turnover of 110 M€ and 1200 employees (2014). Its Research and Development centre, created in 2011, works on Data Analysis with a special focus on Data Management & Deep Analytics: smart data analysis (texts and logs), data mining, natural language processing, semantic web, machine learning and process mining. The R&D department has recognized competences in its different domains of expertise and is now working on knowledge representation and reasoning through its participation in SMILK, its joint research Laboratory with INRIA, focused on NLP, linked open data and social Networks.

Holmes Semantic Solutions – France

logo Holmes

Holmes Semantic Solutions (Ho2S) is the French leader in the provision of semantic and linguistic web services, with a relevant experience in EU projects. Ho2S’s main business is represented by the provision of semantic solutions to industries and institutions, with a particular attention to multilinguality. Right now Ho2S can provide solutions dealing with more than 15 languages. The society is particularly active in transnational collaborations, which include high-level academic and industrial partners located almost everywhere in Europe. It is active in several project concerning Open Source Investigative Intelligence.

DIST – Italy

logo politechnico di torinoDIST is a leading joint structure of Politecnico and Università di Torino. DIST promotes, coordinates and manages basic and applied research, training, and technology transfer and services to the territory, particularly focused on the sciences and the urban and regional policies and on territorial, urban and environmental-landscape, project and planning

“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy – Romania

mvnia-637-360x225“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy (MVNIA) is a higher education military institution, part of the Romanian Intelligence Service. Its mission is to provide training programmes for intelligence officers, conduct research in the field of intelligence and security studies and strengthen Romanian security culture. The research branch of the Academy is the National Institute for Intelligence Studies (INSI), organized on the following research lines: intelligence studies and security studies. INSI employs a multidisciplinary approach to address research topics such as: security policies, the evolution of risks and threats to Romanian and European security, the role of intelligence organisations in democratic societies, intelligence analysis, cyber-intelligence, OSINT, intelligence cooperation, early warning indicators and crisis management.


Logo Demetra hi-resDemetra SPV is an innovative SME formed by a team of researchers, academics and IT professionals. The main activities are the design and development of Integrated Information Systems, in several sectors: eGovernment, HealthCare, Environment & Territory, Security.